Wolverine Leathers Sustainable Initiative

At Wolverine Leathers, we have nothing to hide. We're far from perfect, but perfection is what we strive for, which brings us closer by the day. Until we get there, we're dedicated to being open and transparent about where we stand and where we're going next. Because animals, workers, and the world rely on us taking bold steps forward.

  1. We use sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and tanning processes in our leathers to improve product performance while reducing our chemical footprint.
  2. We measure and improve energy consumption, air and noise emissions, water usage and waste management in accordance with LWG Standards.
  3. We promote worker safety and well-being through LWG Standards for worker safety and UN sustainability goals.
  4. We work to provide product transparency and traceability from farm to footwear.
  5. We are the exclusive leather partner with HeiQ — offering PFC Free Water Repellency as the standard in our product range.

Follow along to learn more about our initiatives and journey here.