Pigskin is less dense than comparable weight nubuck and suede, weighing nearly a ¼ pound less, but not being less durable. Outdoor, athletic, work/safety and casual footwear can benefit from 1.4-1.6mm Wolverine Performance Leather that weighs less because it causes less foot fatigue.

Quick Drying

Wolverine Performance Leather dries out 40% faster and retains its shape. Our perspiration resistance assists in the drying process and helps to dry the leather faster and retain its shape.


The haircell follicle of pigskin is through the complete thickness of the skin, making it more breathable and allowing for superior moisture vapor transmission than cattlehide suede.


We have been in the pigskin business for 58 years and enjoy a long relationship with the country’s top pork producers for raw material. As a result, the majority of our raw material suppliers allow us to contract price over a longer period of time, and we are able to pass this stabilized pricing to our customers. Pigskin is also less volatile than the bovine market. This results in smaller changes in price from season to season.