A Century of Innovation

Since 1910, Wolverine Worldwide Leathers has had an eye on the future and a history of creating better leather. Performance leathers. Heritage leathers crafted with over a century of old world experience.

But innovation never rests. Neither does being better. As we enter the second decade of the millennium, our focus is on customer-driven, sustainable, environmentally friendly leather solutions for casual, outdoor and athletic footwear brands. How will we help your brand be better?

1883 Company found in Rockford, Michigan
1910 Wolverine Tannery opens in downtown Rockford, Michigan and the tannery produces shell horsehide for the company's work boot and shoe brand, Wolverine Boots & Shoes
1921 Acquires a glove-making business and uses horsehide for gloves; start vertical integration with building of leather sole plant
1940 - 1956 Company's chairman, Victor Krause, succeeds in inventing a pig skinning machine to automate the skinning process. Wolverine is now in the pigskin business.
1958 Creates a chrome tanned pigskin nubuck leather for their new brand called Hush Puppies in a Breathin' Brushed Pigskin Nubuck Suede. It becomes a global best seller.
1980 Silkee® Goes Global Wolverine partnered with a Taiwanese tannery in 1980 to tan pigskin nubuck in Taiwan for delivery to footwear factories in Taiwan and China. We created our competition.


We produce leathers that are made without metal, chrome, aldehydes, salt, inorganic acids or vegetables and is hypoallergenic. our Horizon leather is RSL, REACH, ZDHC and Blue Sign compliant. our pigskin has a lower environmental impact than other chrome tanned leathers.


300 million pairs of shoes end up in a landfill in the USA every year. If some of these shoes do not contain chrome, they will break down over time. Choose to refuse more metals in your footwear by selecting our Horizon metal free or chrome free leathers to make the world a "greener" place.